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06/30/08 12:54 PM #1    


Loretta Husky (Cozart)

Welcome to the Kings Mountain High School Class Of 1978 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

07/24/08 10:43 PM #2    

Ray Clemmer

Whats The Squeeze Breeze - drop me a line.

puffastogie at gmail dot com

07/26/08 10:33 PM #3    

Debbie Hullender

Welcome! If you have contact info about a classmate that is not included in their basic profile - please contact me at

Thanks! Debbie Hullender

07/29/08 04:56 PM #4    

Debbie Hullender

PS - If you have info about "lost' classmates contacy me at above e-mail. Thanks - Debbie

07/30/08 12:28 AM #5    

Pam Hipp (Martin)

Hi Loretta let me no if you need any help.

07/30/08 08:04 PM #6    

Jerry Jackson


You all did a great job setting up the website. It's a great way to keep up with the class.

07/30/08 10:08 PM #7    

Deborah Hayes (Conard)

I love the website...having lots of fun with it. Great job! Deborah Hayes

07/31/08 11:28 PM #8    

Norma Jean Camp (Waldsmith)

Hi, Grover, NC has a new bed and breakfast in one of the historic homes called "The Inn of The Patriots". Their website and other information is

I can't vouch for the place but I noticed it while driving to Grover. It's just off main street and looked very interesting.


08/04/08 02:24 PM #9    


Loretta Husky (Cozart)

Hi Everyone:

Thank you all for your kind words regarding the website. Our reunion team consists of Deborah Hullender, Jewel Reavis, Ray Clemer, and me. We are very happy to have the opportunity to plan the reunion of the Class of '78!

If you would like to help, we have several activities during the weekend we could use help with... specifically the Friday Night Football Game and Saturday Morning Golf Outing. If you are interested in helping, let us know.

Please use the website to communicate with classmates. Add current photos so we know what you look like now! I definately makes the site pretty interesting. (If you don't believe me, look at Scott Summit's page.)

You guys keep up the good work and we are sure to have a great 30th Reunion in October.

Loretta Cozart
and your Reunion Team


08/05/08 09:08 PM #10    

Gina Patterson (Robinson)

Thanks for all your work on planning the reunion.....what a great tool this website is! I have had such fun reading the profiles!

08/09/08 01:47 PM #11    

Cindy Morrow (Benton)

Thank you all for the hard work you are doing to plan our reunion. Kep up the grat work. Look forward to catching up with everyone.

08/12/08 10:27 AM #12    

Jim Payseur

I had a recent correspondence with Scott Summit through this website. It had been years since I saw him and if not for this great webpage there would not have been the chance to say "Hi" one last time.


Scott: What's going on man. I see you're still playing guitar. I checked out you web site and...looked under your profile.

Jim: SCOTT, You haven't changed much!

Scott: Cool ..... I thought you and Poovey were going to do a jam session before the reunion ......

Jim: Yeah, in your dreams, Dicso.

Scott: Disco ...... Haven't heard that in a long time!

-SO thanks to everyone who put this page up! The internet is strange and wonderful. It makes me very sad that Scott will not physically be with us at the reunion and he'll be missed. You just never know...but it'll be great to see everybody.

-Jim Payseur

08/12/08 10:32 AM #13    

Jim Payseur

Where is Trotsky Boyce?

08/13/08 05:03 PM #14    

Elaine Ledford (Holman)

This website is really great. Good job setting it up. Jan Rushing (who I hadn't seen in 20 years) and I got together for lunch today while she was in town from Florida for her niece's wedding. I hope everyone is taking advantage of this great tool.

08/14/08 07:50 PM #15    

Sandra Gann (Ballew)

I love the website lets keep it going so we can keep in touch all the time. It will be easier this way instead of I have enjoyed reading about everybody and seeing what everyone looks like now. I am really excited about the reunion. I hoped all can come.

Sandra "Sam" Gann Ballew

08/16/08 03:31 PM #16    


Sonya McAbee (Gregory)

This website has been great! I love seeing everyone's pictures and profiles. Keep putting all the pictures up, its lots of fun, and very interesting.

I spoke with my cousin, Sam Melton today about the reunion. He says to tell everyone "Hi." However, he will not be able to attend the reunion. He has previous vacation plans that weekend. He says he wishes he could see everyone, and that he will definitely be at the next one.

08/18/08 10:51 AM #17    

Tammy Ross (Thornburg)

This website is great and the reunion team is doing a Fantastic job. Thanks to all of you guys. I am really looking forward to the reunion and seeing everyone. I know it will be a blast..... As we all know we PARTIED HEARTY at KM HIGH! And who knew that Jimmy McNeily has been the "keeper" of our Spirit Cow Bell all these years. That's just so cool!

Tammy Ross Thornburg

08/19/08 06:07 PM #18    

Norma Jean Camp (Waldsmith)

This is great seeing where everyone has been and how much our lives have evolved. Has anyone checked to see if Scott's wife will be coming to the reunion? or if Kim Porter Tate will? If either do it would be nice to have a memory book or some other memorial for these 2 fine gentlemen. It is so sad and they will be missed.

I was also wondering about afternoon/lunch picnic. I have been checking for details. Has anyone heard? I would be glad to help with the arrangements if you like. Drop me a line and what needs there are (# to plan for, location preferences, etc). I am home mostly and can make the calls and checks.

My ex worked with Chuck Worcester a few years back and he lived in Kings Mtn. then. I can't remember exact area but I did find phone listings in Bessemer City and Gastonia though. My PC battery died and I can't remember how I got that.

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